Refresh 2020 Begins soon, Live Feed, Conference Booklet

KUC Refresh 2020 Conference begins tonight!

Thanks for your prayers regarding the conference. We are expecting a mix of attendees:  in-person, observing mask-wearing and social distancing , with a significant number hoping to join us online. 

The first session starts at 18:00 Japan Time, Friday 7 August.

You can see the live stream, or catch up on a session later through the KUC facebook group. It's a private fb group these days, so jump on early and 'apply' so that you can see it live!

To help you follow along online, you can find the conference booklet below.

KUC Summer Conference 2020 Update (2020/07/01)

We're pleased to announce that KUC Summer Conference is happening! (As best we can say - Proverbs 16:9)

Refresh Conference will be held on Fri 7 ~ Wed 12 August 2020, with a few changes to our usual plans.

As long as there is no resurgence of Covid-19 across Japan, no reinstating of the state of emergency, and prefectural governments are allowing travel across borders, we will hold the conference as planned for those residing in Japan. Due to the nature of international travel and relationships we have asked all of our international guests (speaker, kids workers, and attendees) not to come this year even if travel restrictions are lifted. We ask this out of courtesy for the local community in Karuizawa, many of whom feel anxious about the global situation,  and out of love that the church would serve the interests of the community first before our own desires. 

While we will greatly miss our international friends and guests, we are encouraged that our speaker, Rev Karl Peterson, kids workers, and tech support have all agreed to postpone their attendance to 2021. 

So for this year's conference we're excited to announce that we'll be hearing God's Word brought to us by two of our very own KUC regulars. As usual, we'll also run the exciting kids and youth programs, lunches, night events and the KUC Annual Business Meeting (Monday 10 August). We will be complying with local government recommendations to reduce the risk of spreading Covid-19 and ask that attendees wear masks and comply with requirements such as temperature checks and social distancing.

Attendance is free, but to help us in our planning please register here.

Summer Conference

2019 KUC Refresh Conference

Everyone welcome!

Karuizawa is a beautiful place to retreat and escape the heat of Summer.  Our prayer is that the conference will be a week of spiritual refreshment as we drink in God's Word, worship, fellowship and relax together.

Our first gathering for prayer begins at 4:00pm on Friday afternoon, followed by the first main session at 4:00pm. 

Participation in the conference is FREE but each day you have the opportunity to make an offering that will go directly to cover the expenses of the conference.

Accommodation in Karuizawa

Conference participants are required to arrange their own accommodation.  We recommend staying at the beautiful Karuizawa Retreat Center operated by TEAM.  KRC is a short walk to the Union Church and throughout the week many conference events, like the family BBQ and campfire, are held at KRC.  The self contained cabins are perfect for families or groups.  Retreat facilities include:
  • Wi-Fi Internet
  • laundry room
  • ample parking
  • basketball court
  • tennis court
  • outdoor children's play area
Go to the reservation page of the KRC website to make a booking.  The website will indicate that the center is fully booked but it is not.  It appears that way because TEAM missionaries are given priority by the center.  After you submit a reservation request KRC will contact you by email and later confirm your cabin reservation in April.


Please refer to the latest post regarding Summer Conference. 

Karuizawa Union Church Conference 2021
August 8~15

Speaker:  Rev Karl Peterson

The last thing Glynn and I ever thought we’d become was missionaries in Africa. Glynn didn’t grow up in a believing home and I had so many missionaries come through our Christian home as a child that I was terrified that God might call me to this career. When we both sensed a pull to serving the Lord overseas, the last place I wanted to serve was in Africa and Glynn was happily serving as a nurse in Ecuador and Seattle. But Africa is where we ended up!

Our 21 years in Mozambique and South Africa were as happy and fruitful as they were perplexing. Culture peculiarities, dire poverty, the pressures of ministry on our health and family, the great needs of the church were both stimulating and challenging.

In those two countries, we planted three churches and I pastored another. But our main focus has always been teaching and training leaders for the African church.

Leadership development has included pastors’ conferences, reading groups, teaching and directing a Bible institute in Mozambique, and later joining the faculty of the Bible Institute of South Africa in Cape Town, where I still teach distance courses.

I currently serve as an elder at Parker Hills Bible Fellowship in the Denver area. Glynn has always had an extensive mentoring ministry among women. The Lord has given us six children and one grandchild.

Youth and Children’s Programs

For middle school and high school students.  Enjoy growing deeper into God, fun activities, and hanging out with friends. 

Kathy and Deanna Covert will again be leading the children's activities.  As adults meet for Bible teaching the children will enjoy a week of creative Bible studies, games, drama and activities.

Tanner Friesen is back to lead the youth.
This is my fifth year in Karuizawa.  I have grown in lay ove for the people, the country and the food. It is my passion to connect with people, old and young, and help the spiritual development of youth: character, wisdom, and love of God.
At home in Canada I am part of a travelling theatre company called Upside Down Productions.  We use creative arts to share the love of God, and equip churches to use creative arts to reach out. 
I love to travel, both nationally and internationally. But when the winter chill replaces summer breezes, I keep busy as a snowboard instructor.